Thursday, November 29, 2012



1) To get the photo into the right perspective, we used photoshop to transform to image so that the top was a lot bigger than the bottom. We did this so that when we were looking at it from an angle, it looked correct. We basically stretched out the top of the image to distort it enough so that it looked irregular looking at it head on. Distorting it made it helped me make it into an anamorphosis drawing.  

2) Distorting and stretching the object allowed us to make the upper part of the image look enlarged, or blown up so that it looked incorrect to the human eye. We also drew the picture using a grid, so that it would be much easier and up to scale. We then added a lot of value and colors to define the light source and even a shadow behind to make it look like it was standing up on the page, using colored pencils.

3)The most important concepts to make this picture successful would be using the correct colors, drawing it in the right scale, and adding a shadow that looked correct. I kind of messed up on my shadow, so the entire 3-d concept was sort of lost for me. Using the right colors helped show where the light was coming from, which helped make it look a lot more real. Drawing it to scale with the picture was important too, since you want it to look right when you are looking at it from the right angle!

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