Art 1 Final Portfolio

Final Questions

1) My favorite and most successful art project this semester was the painting that we did with acrylic paint, which turned out looking like the picture above. I really liked this one because I could really express myself and show the different values in the picture. I liked how the paint blended pretty nicely before it could dry to create a nice, blended color.  For me, I considered this one the most successful and I was quite pleased with the outcome. I've never really painted before in my life, so it was a great experience to blend the primary colors (blue, yellow, and red) to make the secondary colors (purple, orange, green). When I was little, no one really explained to me how blue and yellow would make green and so on, so learning about all of the different types of colors and how I would make them really helped me blend efficiently in order to make the accurate colors that I needed in my painting. I found this project to be the most enjoyable because after I started adding the values, I could finally start seeing how the whole piece was beginning to come together. I thought that this one looked the most successful since it look a lot more realistic than compared to other artworks that I have done in the past, it also really got me interested in painting! I now paint on my own time and really enjoy it!

2) Even though I grew from all of the projects that we have done, the one that I mostly remember having an impact on me was the value portrait. Before this project, I never really realized how important that values were in order to make a drawing look 3-D. I just focused on getting my lines and textures correct; I found shading unnecessary. This project helped me understand that shading and adding darker values to my drawing really helps make it look a lot more realistic to the eye and add depth. At first, I didn't quite understand because my drawing just looked splotchy and didn't really come together. It was quite frustrating. After sometime of shading and blending between the lighter and darker values, I finally started to see the shadows and where the light source was on her face. From now on when I draw on my own time, I notice that I really focus more on where my light source is and the placement of my shadows. Creating the value chart was also helpful, as I got an idea of how hard or light I should press down my pencil. Not only that, but it helped me realize that I need to start working on drawing hair! Overall, this project in particular helped me grow as an artist as I learned the importance of values, shading, and shadows.

3) The piece that I thought incorporated most of the skills that we have learned so far would be the Clay Tile. To make this, I really had to focus on where the light source was, show what I have learned based off the acrylic paint lessons, focus on the shadows, make highlights, and blend and show the values and texture in each of the objects. However, this was also somewhat different as we had to make it with our hands and mold them; something that I had never done before. Using the skills that I learned, I was able to add the textures, tints, and shades into the pandas fur and the bamboo stalks, which really helped add a more real effect to the tile. If we did this project first, I would have been so lost and confused. I would have never learned to start painting from the background and work back, or to make sure to add textures in each of the things that I made. Not only that, but I wouldn't have a light source. I wouldn't have the tints and shades around the pandas face or in the bamboo, nor would I make the background darker and gradually get lighter as the background got closer. Those were some things that I never really thought about before I started art! This piece really showed my growth as an artist with all of the different textures, shades, tints, shadows, and values that was endorsed in this piece.

4) The project that I thought was the least important in learning the concepts taught in this course would be the anamorphosis drawing. This project basically just went over the things that we went over, like values and shadows. I did something similar to this back in 6th grade, so this project did not really introduce me to anything new. Using photoshop and morphing the picture was something that I thought was different and interesting, but this was just a fast lesson and I didn't really learn much from it. It did not really engage me and helped me learn new things. It required the least amount of the skills that we have learned so far. Just drawing, values, and shadows. It did not introduce any new skill besides drawing things using grid lines and our of proportion, which was pretty fun to do. It was, however, a good introduction to using colored pencils, which led us to the game drawing. It was an interesting project to do, but it did not teach me any new skills to use in the future.

5) The piece of artwork that best reflected me as an artist would be my stencil of the garden of Versailles. This project was very different from anything that I have ever done and at the same time very difficult. I made the wrong choice of choosing a garden, but it was actually kind of fun to use the exacto knife to cut out the negative spaces, especially cutting out the smaller swirly hedges in the center! Since I was doing a wall collage for my room around this time, using the watered down glue to paste all of the pieces of paper together helped me make my collage! For my personal connection, I chose Versailles garden because over the summer I was actually able to see this garden with my own eyes. I remember thinking "I really want to draw that," and now I finally got the chance to. It reflects me because its very fun, with the different pops of color and shades that I really love and wanted to express. I also like sailing, and under all of the spray paint there are maps of boats and other previous sailors. This piece shows how I thought Paris was beautiful and how I would really like to go back one day!

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